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Naslov: WCS 2.02
Autor: Robert - 22.04.2008. u 15:47:36 sati

"This program helps you to polar align your mount using the drift alignment method with CCD or webcam support. It supports any cam which can be installed as a Windows device (Meade LPI, ToUcam, NexImage, etc). There's also a version available for the Meade DSI cameras. The error in polar azimuth and polar elevation can be adjusted very quickly, even if Polaris is not visible (e.g. obstructing trees, buildings, or if observing in the southern hemisphere). The idea is to measure the star drift of an inaccurately aligned mount using a webcam, and to calculate the amount of polar axis misalignment. After that, it assists you in achieving near-perfect mount alignment using the webcam display. With WCS, the effort needed for alignment is reduced to a minimum, and you have more time for observing and imaging."

E sad kak bi se ono reklo, jel zna mozda netko kako da software radi dulje od 30 dana? :P Na pm naravno.