CometAlignment Module Version 1.3.5

Autor Neven, 23.01.2023. u 09:49:50 sati

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Autor: Nikolay Volkov (stari), PI team (novi)

Evo za sve kometoljupce, pogotovo ove koji ganjaju C/2022 E3 (ZTF). Napokon unaprijeđeni modul za poravnavanje kometa.

Novi dodaci su (neda mi se prevodit):
- Support for nonlinear comet paths (curved or irregular trajectories). The user can now select fixed frames where the comet position can be defined interactively.
- CometAlignment can now be applied to unregistered frames, avoiding double interpolations. This is possible thanks to the possibility of defining the comet nucleus position on individual frames.
- Comet nucleus centroids are now calculated by optimal PSF fitting. This leads to a significant improvement in registration accuracy, which in turn improves resolution and SNR in the resulting integrated images.
- Comet path masks are generated as graphical representations of the comet's path measured on aligned frames. These masks can be used directly on input frames to analyze the comet trajectory visually.
- CometAlignment engine entirely rewritten with significant improvements in the tool's GUI and its multithreaded execution.

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