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OMG  *tu* 6500 mm focal is a lot, but you do have lots of targets to choose from. What kind of research data are you usually collecting? Lately, I've been researching some potential SNR candidate papers over at arxiv.org

Welcome Christopher!
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Hi Robert,

I had been looking at distant galaxy clusters (z > 1.0), and measuring Sloan photometric i'-r' and z'-i' indexes, and correlating them to redshift. Since z = 1.0 displaces Ha by 700nm, I look in the Red and IR. This needs aperture and long exposures. I had to pause when I moved here to NC, but should continue in Winter. Also, some Exo targets, including the Tabby star (yet to see any big changes, but I only just started). I measure later with better than 0.001mag accuracy, using 30 x 2s exposures. 10.4mag is a very bright target for a 24". The actual accuracy is lower due to varying extinction effects etc.
~Christopher Krstanovic, PhD
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There's a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.

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